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Free Tool to See Category Trends on Amazon

Amazon Category Trends

Amazon sellers – do you want to see how your category performs over the year?

Some categories are obviously seasonal; for example, Lawn and Garden sales peak in summer and drop right off in winter, while other categories maintain fairly steady sales all year round.

But what about categories that are not seasonal but have certain months when sales drop off and certain months when sales surge? This applies to many Amazon categories. Knowing what to expect helps you to understand why your sales may have gone up or down at a particular time of the year. It also helps with inventory planning.

Take a look at this trend chart for the Home Improvement category. Do you see that it has a big peak in November, a big dip in December, another peak in January, and yet another peak in July/August?

This chart is for the Office Products category. Its biggest peak is in August, which makes sense because it coincides with the start of the new school/college year.

The tool I used to get the information shown in the screenshots above is called ‘Trending Terms’ ( It doesn’t cost anything to look at category trends. If you want to also get keyword trends, there’s a payment involved, but for category trends only, it’s free!

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