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Amazon Adds a Second Prime Day

Prime days

What is ‘Prime Day’?

It’s Amazon’s annual big savings event, and until now, there has only been one Prime Day event per year.

For the first time, Amazon has announced its second Prime Day event of the year, which will take place sometime in October (at the time of writing this post, the dates have not yet been announced).

What does this mean for sellers?

During Prime Day events, there is an increased number of shoppers on Amazon looking for bargains! You can take advantage of this by running a discount on your listing/listings.

But what if selling at a discounted price means you don’t make much (or any) profit on those items sold?

Try not to think of events like Prime Day in terms of what you can get out of it right now. Instead, think of the other, much more valuable, slightly longer-term benefits, such as better BSR, and more reviews on your listings!

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