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FBA Fee Increases for the Fourth Quarter

Every year, there is a temporary increase in FBA fees from mid-October through to mid-January. This seasonal increase covers the extra fulfillment and transportation costs during the holiday selling period. In retail, this period is called the ‘fourth quarter.’

How much will FBA fees be increased?

Increases are always small and usually in line with the increases seen with other carriers and fulfillment centers. This year, on the marketplace, the fee increase is the same as last year’s.

Click here to see the fees for the fourth quarter on

To find the information for a different marketplace, Google:

‘amazon (country) fba fees fourth quarter 2023-2024’

Replace (country) with the country of the marketplace. For example, ‘amazon australia fba fees fourth quarter 2023-2024’.

If you read this post after mid-January 2024, replace ‘2023-2024’ with ‘2024-2025‘, and so on!

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