The Easiest Way to Run Your Own Ecommerce Store

storeShopify is the most popular choice for online sellers of physical products.

Go here to get a 15-day free trial and read below to find out why Shopify is the No. 1 choice.

In order to sell physical products, you need an ecommerce website. You have a number of options for this, but we’re going to look at the main options. These are the options that most ecommerce site owners use.

The first option is to purchase a ready-made ecommerce website from a dropshipper. Many dropshippers do supply this option.

However, this is usually a bad idea for the following reasons:

  1. Your site will not be unique and there may be 100’s if not 1000’s of other sellers with the same website. In order to make dropshipping really profitable, we need a unique website.
  2. You can’t add pages and other information to a ready-made website. Even if you can, you will be very limited to what you do.

The second option is the use the WordPress platform and build an ecommerce website from scratch. Or pay somebody else to do it for us.

This is a better option than the first option. However, even if you pay somebody on elance or odesk to set up the site for you, you still need to know how to work on that site and make changes, add new products, etc. Therefore unless you are already pretty good with WordPress, this option might not be the best one.

The third option is by far the easiest and the best. Use a purpose built ecommerce platform that is easy to set up, easy to edit and has all the bells and whistles already in place.

Three of the most popular platforms are:

  • Bigcommerce
  • Volusion
  • Shopify (this is the one I use)

Shopify have their own credit card processing service, so it’s already set up for your customers to start placing orders right away. There’s nothing you need to do and you don’t need to worry about getting your own merchant account. You can also add PayPal as an optional payment method for your customers if you want to, that’s up to you and don’t need to add PayPal.

If you don’t live in the US, that’s still okay and you will still be set up to take credit card payments right out of the gate. Simply by using Shopify, you are automatically approved to take card payments from your customers.

The other BIG reason I like Shopify, is the Apps. They have around 150 Apps that you can integrate with your website at the click of a button. Many of them are free and you won’t need any paid Apps until you are making a good income from your site.

Shopify is an all singing, all dancing ecommerce platform and it’s very user friendly with a ton of tutorials and great support, so you won’t be stuck with the set up.

So what’s the cost of Shopify?

It’s much the same as the other ecommerce platforms at $29 a month and a free 15 day trial. They DO have higher level packages, but you will definitely not need a higher package. Maybe in the future when your dropshipping business is making you $15,000 a month in profits, then you might find it beneficial to upgrade.


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