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I have attended quite a few courses of how to set up your shop within Amazon. This is by the far the best. The information is so clear and so well structured. The extra bonus is that the instructor’s audience are people around the world and not only US residents

Eirini Economou

The course is very thorough and Theo gave me enough information to start my own FBA business. It’s been a couple of months now and I’ve already sold over 60 units – a slow start, but I’m optimistic about it. I just have to follow her advice with reviews and whatnot so it can pick up some more. Loved the course. Thank you, Theo!

Nancy Tran

Very concise and to the point usable information. This course is worth every penny I paid for it and much much more.

Marcel Muller

Thanks for offering this course. I was looking for a simple to understand, straight to the point course for Amazon FBA. Theo made a good presentation and gave me all what i needed to get started. Thanks!

Darcy Cardinal

Great Course – It exceeded my expectations. Everything you need, you can find here. The teacher really walks you through every step of the process. This course was really worth my time. Thanks!


Finally getting results after months of playing around on Amazon and Ebay.  Theo taught me how to use Amazon properly and turn it into a full time living.  Highly recommended.

Yvonne Ross

Simply the best and most comprehensive course about Amazon FBA I’ve come across….. Theo has delivered a first class course, that covers everything you need to know, and plenty of excellent bonus materials too.

Steven Dailly

That important information is delivered by Theo in an Excellent way! It especially reassured me to see that all the information is brought in PDF files. I really thank you for the Excellent Course that helps me a lot to figure out the world of Amazon sales!

Yael Damari

Good & detailed course. Thank you so much for providing this information…. Wish me luck!

Jeroen Straetemans

Exceeded Expectations! Theo shares a lot of nitty-gritty, useful info in this course and also provided downloadable, step-by-step checklists to refer back to. I am so glad I signed up. Great teacher!

Teresa Shaw

Excellent.  Theo is a wonderful teacher. Takes you step by step and shows you exactly how to go about building a drop ship business. Highly recommended.

Bethany Holt

Just Superb. Thank you for this very easy to understand and informative course, Theo is very easy to understand and moves at the right pace to keep up with. This truly is great for someone looking into getting involved with Facebook. There is more than enough value in this course with all the resources provided. Start here, onwards and upwards! Time to put it all into practice!

Jared Smith

Another great course from Theo!. I took this after taking Theo’s “Messing About on Facebook” class, and I really enjoyed it. More great advice and information for boosting your FB presence. Would highly recommend both classes!

Joel Traylor

Best Course to make money without spending a dime. I am really counting on it to make long term income, and totally ethical. Beauty of the course is you don’t spend a dime.

Pranay Kumar

Excellent Facebook Training For Beginners! Best course I’ve ever taken on how to monetize a Facebook Fan Page, completely for free…Amazing! Will be continuing onto Part 2. Very easy to follow. I highly recommend this course. Loved how the instructor literally grabs you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do. I finally found what I had been looking for a very long time now…Yay!

Hilda Zorrilla

A Must for Beginners. I have taken several FBA courses but this one was by far the easiest to understand and follow.

 Tom Inabnet

Great Course!. I am very impressed with the content of this course. I am going over it a few times as it is quite comprehensive. I am familiar with the Amazon platform but I can see where these methods would give someone an edge over the competition. Thanks so much for the detail you put into the course.

Diane Jones

This is an excellent course. It is step-by-step giving meaningful examples along the way. Theo McArthur is very positive and inspirational as the author of this course. The fact that she offers text information and examples is very helpful in understanding and implementing the course content.

Dave Tabern

Thank you for this great course, very organized , informative and interesting .the message delivered in interesting and engaging way.


Very actionable and may prove to be fun if not addictive. Interesting resource for anyone who wants to either add an income stream that could help pay some bills, or even start a savings account. With the wealth of information presented and a litlte creativity, one can actually apply the tips and principles offered in the course and turn it around for potential life-changing income. What I like best, though, is that lessons are presented in bite-sized, easy-to-follow sections – no fluff nor fillers…

John S. Suarez

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