How to Get More Free and Low Cost Traffic from Facebook

get more facebook followers

It’s no secret that Facebook can be an incredible source of free traffic and sales for our business.

Whether it’s selling physical products from our own store, getting extra traffic to our Amazon listings, or simply driving traffic to a blog, Kindle e-book, or anything else.

Back in the days gone by, we could post on a Facebook page and every single one of the followers of that page would see that post on their news feed. In other words, our posts had a 100% reach.

Unfortunately, things don’t work like that anymore…

Facebook wants people like us (people who use Facebook for business purposes) to spend more money on advertising. So because they want us to spend money, they now limit the number of followers who see our posts.

For example:

If you have a page with 1000 followers, previously when you posted on that page, all 1000 of those followers would have had that post displayed on their news feed.

Now, only approx 100 – 200 of the followers will see that post unless they actually visit your page.

Obviously, this is not good because the whole purpose of a Page for Business is to get business. Facebook is saying that now if we want everyone to see our posts, we should pay to ‘Boost’ the post, or run a paid ads campaign.

So with that in mind, here are two very inexpensive types of paid ads on Facebook:

boostbutton‘Boosting’ a post is an inexpensive way of getting more people to see that post. So if you have a post that you really want everyone to see, click the blue ‘Boost’ button on the post and pay a few dollars to reach more people.

Running a ‘Post Engagement’ paid ads campaign is also very inexpensive. Post engagements are simply likes, comments, shares, clicks and often you will pay only a few cents per post engagement.

So is there anything you can do to increase the reach of your posts without paying anything at all?

Yes, there is..

Facebook gives more weight to posts with pictures and/or videos. These posts will have an increased organic reach.

Short posts with images get more shares, likes and comments than do longer posts. People have very short attention spans when they are on social media!

Hope these tips help you!

Theo McArthur

Theo has been creating websites since 1996. She's built blogs for both business and personal use and has worked extensively in the field of affiliate marketing and e-Commerce. More than 85,000 students worldwide have enrolled in her courses.

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