How to Cut Through the Brain Fog and Start Succeeding!

brain fog

Brain fog – what is it? It’s that feeling of not being focused. When the brain is so overwhelmed that it’s totally unproductive.

This is SO common in online marketing and one of the biggest reasons is the sheer volume of information that we try to digest. A lot of it totally contradictory, which doesn’t help!

Even longtime online marketers who know exactly what they’re trying to achieve, still get these ‘fogs’ or ‘blocks’ now and again.

Maybe you’re still trying to decide which route to take. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce or developing your own products. Just making that initial decision can be tough.

You can’t really move forward effectively and start getting results unless you’re 100% focused.

So…here’s my personal cure for brain fog 🙂

First, take a step back. For me, that means taking time away from the computer. Just getting away from the ‘noise’ allows our subconscious brain to kick into gear. That’s when the ‘magic’ often happens. My own best ideas and decisions have always come about when I’m away from my desk. Maybe I’ll be walking, driving, at the gym, or whatever.

Second, you must choose which direction to go in. You can’t go in two or three directions at the same time. Are you going to pursue affiliate marketing, or e-commerce, or something else?

You should like what you do. Rather than choosing an area that you have no interest in, choose something that you know you will enjoy. If you think that you would enjoy affiliate marketing much more than e-commerce, then go with affiliate marketing or vice versa.

Third, go back to basics! This step applies if you have been jumping around from one thing to another without ever really fully understanding anything. If you have access to training that you feel is right for your needs, then start at the beginning of that training. Even if you have already been through it once, do it again because, in any decent training course, there’s always another ‘layer’ of understanding to be gained on the second time around. Don’t skim through or cut corners.

Fourth, take it slow if you have to. Don’t set goals that you can’t achieve. Don’t put yourself under pressure to do things at a pace you can’t keep up with. Don’t put yourself under pressure to earn x by x date in order to pay your rent or pay an important bill! This kind of pressure is usually counter-productive.

Lastly, every time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, step away for a short while. Get some exercise or do something relaxing (but not watching TV because that doesn’t allow your subconscious to get to work 🙂

Theo McArthur

Theo has been creating websites since 1996. She's built blogs for both business and personal use and has worked extensively in the field of affiliate marketing and e-Commerce. More than 85,000 students worldwide have enrolled in her courses.

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