Hosting I Recommend

I set up my first website in 1996 (yes, that long ago!), so over the years, I’ve used several different hosting companies. Some pretty good and some not so good.  I switched to SiteGround about 2 years ago after experiencing poor support and slow website speeds with my previous hosting provider.


When choosing hosting, these 3 things are vital:

Speed – if you’re site doesn’t load quickly you will lose a huge amount of business because visitors are impatient!

Support – Waiting for days to get an issue resolved is not good enough. Nor is waiting in a ‘queue’ for 40 minutes on live chat support.

Security – Goes without saying.

I have found SiteGround to be the best in all these 3 areas and the support is second to none, with virtually instant chat support 24/7.

Packages start at $3.95 (Click Here) and if you only have one website/blog, this is all you need.  I have the GoGeek package because I run multiple websites and have 1000’s of users using those sites daily.



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