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Affiliate Marketing – The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

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I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for more than 15 years and it’s probably fair to say that when compared to selling your own products, affiliate marketing is simpler, but don’t confuse ‘simpler’ with ‘easier’.

It’s certainly way more laid back because when you sell other people’s stuff, you don’t need to worry about customer support, you don’t need to worry about delivering the products to the customers, you don’t need to worry about refunds and returns, and you don’t need to develop your own products or purchase stock.

Some affiliate programs pay as much as 50% to the affiliate – often the case with digital products – and some have long ‘tracking windows’ of 30-days or more. In layman’s terms, this means that if a person clicks on your affiliate link today, but they don’t buy for another month, you still get paid for the sale.

Sounds great right? Yep, and it is. I love it. It’s in my blood and I can’t see myself ever not doing it. Especially when it allows me to have several passive revenue streams.


90 of every 100 people who attempt affiliate marketing never make a single cent. Of the other 10%, less than half, perhaps only one-fifth, make any real money.

So what are looking at here? Maybe 2 out of every 100 affiliate marketers actually make a good living out of it. Sobering figures, but this is the reality.

One reason for this is the low barrier to entry. A lot of people will simply ‘give it a try’ and since they don’t feel like they have anything to lose, they also quit more readily too.

And partially to blame is the hype surrounding the industry. The ‘push-button’ software that promises to make you rich, or the ‘top secret tricks’ that can transform you from a complete newbie to a super-affiliate overnight.

I say partially because deep down, most of us know that ‘if it sounds too good to be true…’

So, if we spend our hard earned money, or waste our valuable time on something that sounds too good to be true, who’s fault is that? šŸ™‚

Yes, affiliate marketing canĀ be an amazing and relatively laid-back way to create a great lifestyle for yourself.

Or, it can make you feel like a hamster on a wheel. Make you feel like every time you think you’re getting somewhere, you find yourself right back where you started.

Fortunately for you, you are not aĀ hamsterĀ and you don’t need to keep getting back on the wheel!

The first step towards success is to train yourself to ignore the hype. If you truly want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, it takes some work and it takes some ‘grit’.

I firmly believe that almost anyone can make affiliate marketing work for them, and the rewards can be life-changing.

You simply need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves, start at the bottom and see it through. There are no shortcuts to success.

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