Selling on Amazon. Which Categories Are Best?

As a new seller on Amazon, you may be feeling a bit uncertain about which categories to start selling in. When I started selling back in 2013, I had no idea which categories were the most popular or which were the most competitive, and I know from my student’s feedback that choice of category can be a sticking point.

With that in mind, I’ve sectioned out some of the main categories on into high, average and low volume:

Updated February 1st 2017

High Volume:

Health & Personal Care*
Sports and outdoors
Toys & Games*
Cellphones & Accessories

Medium Volume:

Kitchen & Dining
Home Improvement
Office Products
Home & Kitchen
Pet Supplies
Patio Lawn and Garden

Low Volume:

Art Craft & Sewing
Musical Instruments
Camera & Photo
Computer & Accessories

* Categories that require approval from Amazon (restricted categories). Note that Toys & Games only requires approval to sell over the Christmas shopping period. The rest of the year Toys and Games does not require approval.

So what does this mean that selling in low volume categories is a waste of time?

No, not at all! However, you should expect to sell less in these lower volume categories and if you plan to use FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) to store and ship your items to customers, then you should definitely consider selling in a category with a higher turnover.

Generally, when starting out, it’s simpler to sell in a ‘medium volume’ category. There are literally 10’s of 1000’s of suitable products to sell in these categories and you won’t face the same fierce competition associated with the highest volume categories.

However, even the high volume categories have sub-categories with less volume and less competition. So it’s a good idea to ‘drill down’ a bit and uncover some of these potentially very profitable sub-categories.

Amazon offers endless possibilities, but that’s part of the problem! Don’t let too much choice hold you back. Choose a category and stick to it until you have your first product listed and selling on Amazon. Action is the key!


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