Take Control of Your Future - Learn How to Start and Run Your Own Successful Online Store - Without Buying or Storing Stock

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Week 1

Choosing profitable niches and products

Finding suppliers who will drop ship for you

Week 2

Setting up your store the easy way

Simple SEO techniques for online stores

Week 3

Using Facebook to drive traffic and sales to your store

Launching your store with a bang!

Week 4

Using Pinterest to drive traffic and sales to your store

Blogging to drive traffic and sales to your store

Week 5

Express Drop Ship System

Outsourcing the day-to-day tasks

Access to bonus lessons

Week 6

Take advantage of the demand for ready-made stores

Selling an established store for profit

Access to bonus lessons

14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the course content spread over a 6-week period?

A. The course is structured to allow you to go from a complete beginner, to running your own fully fledged e-commerce store in the shortest possible time. We've found that the best way to do this is by pacing the course. However, we have recently accelerated things a bit and the content is now delivered over the space of a month.

Q. Will I still have access to the course after the 6 weeks is up?

A. Absolutely! You will have permanent access to the course. There is no time limit on your membership.

Q. What kind of a budget do I need in order to start my own e-commerce store?

A. Master Class teaches the 'drop shipping' method of e-commerce and you don't need to buy or store any goods. Start up and running costs are therefore minimal. However, we do recommend that you have a budget of $200 - $300.

Q. Do I need to reside in the US in order to take advantage of this course?

A. No. ​In fact because we use the drop shipping model, if you wish to you can tap into the US market even if you don't live in the US. 

Q. Are there any ongoing or renewal fees?

A. No, there are no ongoing or renewal fees

Q. ​Which payment methods do you accept?

A.​ We accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards

Q. How do I access the course after purchasing?

A. Your access details will be sent to the email address you used during the order process. If you have an issue, email us at support (@) theomcarthur.com and we will fix it for you.

Q. What if I have an issue or a query after purchasing?

A. No problem. Simply email us at support and we will get back to you as soon as possible. During business days we aim to reply within 24 hours.

Q. Do you offer one-to-one coaching?

A. Not at the moment due to time constraints. However, this course was created in response to the many requests for coaching. It's complete, detailed and contains everything you need :)

Theo McArthur

About the Author

My entrepreneurial journey started properly in 2001, when I left my job and decided to focus on the Internet as a means to make a full-time living. Today I run three successful e-commerce stores and I also sell on Amazon.  

Do you like the idea of selling physical products online for a living? Perhaps you've been thinking about setting up your own online store, but don't know where to start. Maybe you need guidance in deciding which products to sell. Or maybe you already have some ideas. Either way, Master Class will teach you everything you need to know, in an easy-to-follow format complete with over-the-shoulder demonstrations.

Once your store is set up, what then? You need customers and sales!  Master Class includes 37 video lessons showing you exactly how to use free and low cost methods to attract visitors to your store and turn those visitors into customers.  You will also learn how to turn one-time buyers into happy, loyal repeat customers.

Also included is a 12-video lesson mini-course teaching you how to sell custom t-shirts, leggings, wall art and more.  Designed to be used in conjunction with the Master Class lessons, it gives you another option to get started. It's also a really fun way to launch your first store!

The demand for 'ready-made' e-commerce stores is growing. Many new entrepreneurs prefer to leave the 'set-up' side of things to somebody else. This has created an exiting opportunity for companies and individuals to earn an excellent income by setting up online stores for others.  With this in mind, we developed a series of video lessons showing how to tap into this growing market. 

What if you want to sell your online store in the future for a profit?  Established stores are regularly sold for five and six figures. Some even sell for seven figures. There are many factors involved that determine the value of your store, and it's not just about sales. Master Class teaches you how to increase the value of your store along with how and where to sell it, should you decide to do so in the future.

Delegate the work to somebody else.  Running a business takes work. Anybody who tells you otherwise has either never run a business, or they're telling porkies!  What if you don't have the time to do everything?  Or what if you simply want more free time?  The answer is 'outsourcing' and in fact outsourcing becomes almost a necessity if you plan to really scale up your business.  Master Class includes 5 video tutorials showing you where and how to hire the best and cheapest outsource workers. 

Included in the member's area is a whole bonus section with an additional 10 lessons.  Learn how to apply some simple, effective SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to your store in order to increase free traffic from Google and the other search engines - don't worry, nothing technical!  Plus, learn how to launch your brand new store, how to add an extra income stream to your store, and more...

14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee